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Mindful Websites

List of Mindful Websites

Please check out the websites of the Mindfulness teachers listed on the page: Major Figures in Mindfulness.  I direct you to them first.  Following that, the websites listed below offer a variety of useful perspectives and approaches to Mindfulness.  I am not affiliated with any of them but offer this list as a resource.  As an independent teacher of MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), I enjoy all traditions of Mindfulness and Buddhist-based meditation practices.  In my life, I have found texts and practices from a variety of traditions, from Tibetan Buddhism, to Zen and Insight Meditation to be extremely helpful.  It's a matter of finding the approach that speaks to you best.

Wisdom2.0 -- This website hosts interesting summit meetings and ongoing community meetings.  Soren, the founder of this website, helped encourage Jon Kabat-Zinn to conduct his online retreat during the 2020 Pandemic, for which I am extremely grateful.  You can get on Soren's mailing list to get emails about upcoming conferences and gatherings.  They include interesting speakers.

MidAmerica Dharma -- Offering Insight Meditation to the Heartland.  I have attended helpful online programs they produced.  They are an Insight Meditation organization (Insight Meditation was started by Sharon Salzberg, Jack Kornfield & Joseph Goldstein, headquartered in Massachusetts.)

Shambhala Online -- The website lists classes and other programs for people interested in meditation in the TIbetan tradition, although not all classes are about Buddhism or Tibetan wisdom.  I've attended programs over the years that I benefited from, so I recommend taking a look to see if any upcoming programs interest you. They offer Sunday Gatherings, which I haven't yet attended.  I find over the years that Shambhala's senior teachers are knowledgeable and usually well focused on the topic (which is not true of all teachers out there). I recommend checking out the website for upcoming programs, although program can sometimes be pricey.

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness -- David Treleavan created a program called Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness (TSM), for which he offers online programs through his website.  While last time I checked, the online (not live) program cost over a thousand dollars, I wanted to mention that David is considered the leader or even "discoverer" of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness as a practice of its own or, you might say, a category of Mindful practice that deserves recognition for meeting the needs of many people who struggle with trauma in their Mindful practices.

More websites will be added.  Please check back.


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