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Retreat Centers

Going on a retreat can deepen our Mindful practice.  Retreat Centers are all different.  They can be monasteries or other spiritual organizations who open their facility up to like-minded people who want to go on individual silent retreats up to centers that exist only as places to take Mindful classes and Retreats. This is a listing of some retreat centers you might find helpful.  It can take some research to find out when they are offering classes or retreats, what their requirements are or, in the case of monasteries, what dates they are open for individuals wishing to go on individual retreats.  I have personally done retreats at the Drala Mountain Center in Colorado and Chicago Shambala Center, one in the rural countryside and one in an urban setting.  You decide what Retreat Center will most suit your needs.

Some Retreat Centers are linked to particular meditation or spiritual communities, so it's important to be respectful of the traditions that forged that particular Retreat Center.  Some, on the other hand, are wide open to all meditation traditions.  Of course, if a person wants to create their own retreat for a meditation group you belong to, it is possible to rent space in a wide variety of facilities, from hotels to individual homes.  The key aspect of being on retreat is to meditate, to be out of your usual life/work routine, and to be open to what your meditation practice may or may not do.  Being on retreat is not a vacation.  It is a dedicated opportunity to practice meditation either singly or with like-minded people, either self-guided or guided by teachers.

Retreat Centers

Blue Cliff Monastery , a Vietnamese Buddhist Monastery

Pine Bush, New York, about 2 hours Northwest from the city

Spirit Rock Retreat Center, an Insight Meditation Center

Woodacre, California



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